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What is Desiccant?

The Desiccant used in Pharmaceutical packaging is an inorganic chemical substance that absorb moisture, commonly used to remove humidity that would degrade products, sensitive to moisture (RH).

Why to use Desiccant?

Number of Pharmaceuticals Ingredients are sensitive to moisture & rapidly degraded with the passage of time even after conversion into the finished formulations.

The degradation process continues till the expiry of the product during storage, distribution & sales of finished formulations in extreme hot and humid climatic conditions.

Thus, affect the stability and reduced the expiry date.

The Desiccant Inclusion

What is Desiccant Foil?

Inclusion of Desiccant in Pharma Packaging foils is to protect finished formulations from moisture, Gas & light sensitive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients i.e. granules tablets & capsules.

The Inclusion of Desiccant is the ultimate solution for highly moisture sensitive molecules as well as their transactions in various climatic conditions, the transactions of product from normal to hot and extreme humid climatic conditions (Wherein the acceleration of degradation of API is very fast).

Thus, it extends the stability to the determined time limits and ensure zero degradation of API’s. This is created by integrating Desiccant particles into the PE using solvent less co-extruded coating process.

Our Excel Arid series of desiccant foils is the ultimate solution to the hygroscopic nature of APIs and Excipient in unit doses. The Nano particles of desiccant integrated on internal surface followed by protective layer absorbs the moisture.

Together with our clients, we build an expert team to make sure that the product unites the desired needs at very reasonable Cost.

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Cold Forming Foil (Alu-Alu Foil)

Why it is important?

Alutech Packaging, is committed to developing a branded pharmaceutical presence for existing products in market. We are committed to identifying, developing the Pharma products Packaging. Our one of the most widely used product across the boundaries of nation is Cold Forming Blister Foil. It is manufactured by sandwiching aluminium foil between OPA & PVC using dry lamination technology. As aluminium is the best barrier against water vapour, gases and light etc with excellent formability.

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Algol Series (Blister Foil)

Why it is important?

Pharmaceutical packaging is a very complex process that is provided by a separate industry. This is used as the lidding foil in Blister Packaging.  This is because the issues of quality and safety are of paramount importance.  Here we use blister foil which is hard Aluminum foil coated with VMCH Lacquer which provides anticipation to the product.

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ARMOR Series(Strip/ Pharma Foil)

Why it is important?

We adopt high quality packaging materials and up-to-date equipment as our packing facilities. Bringing more furtherance in Pharmaceutical field we ensured using Armor Strip Foil Series which is soft Aluminum Foil Laminated with LDPE film. It is a user-friendly packaging solution.

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Vista pack

Why it is important?

A comprehensive range of barrier films for thermoform blisters, with options to suit all barrier requirements. The Vistapack is useful for protecting products against external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time. It ensures the best protection for pharmaceutical applications such as tablets and capsules. It also have thermoformability in which plastic film or sheet is unwound from the reel and guided though a pre-heating station on the blister line.

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Vega Series (Customized Foil)

Why it is important?

Packaging is the coordinated system that encloses and protects the dosage form. Keeping that in perspective diverse range is made available at Alutech

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Quality is the primordial expectation to our industry and it’s items produced. Different perspectives on getting such quality are the present enthusiasm for the pharmaceutical business. Alutech is familiar with a practice that places us in manner and routine tradition guaranteed to convey a quality that sounds all-inclusive as far as talked quality is on the top of pharmaceutical field.

Anil k Mittal MD of Alutech
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Right & quality Packaging is equally important with Right quality formulation in Medicine. Medicine protects life & Packaging protects Medicine. Alutech pledged to provide international standard Packaging at reasonable price. Alutech also tries to develop reasonable price Packaging products, which pharma Industry is dependent on overseas suppliers.

S K Saxena Executive Vice-president
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Alutech’s only business plan is serving quality. “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” For matching the standards of requirement of your customers team Alutech works hard and lays more foundation on fulfilling their requirements.

Rakesh Goel CEO of Alutech
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