We believe to drive our CSR policy with the same values which directs Alutech Packaging Private Limited. Hence, this CSR Policy absorbs Alutech Packaging Private Limited’s core values and is aligned in the following manner to its CSR strategy :

  • Being Accountable for what we do : Alutech Packaging Private Limited considers itself accountable for contributing back in a meaningful way to the society / Nation.
  • Embrace Diversity : Alutech Packaging Private Limited believes in embracing diverse views and opinions which lead to a better solution. Accordingly, for execution of its CSR objectives Alutech Packaging Private Limited plans to partner, where necessary, with NGOs / other charitable organizations to meet the CSR objectives.
  • Collaborate to Win : Collaborating with other NGOs / charitable organizations, with footprint / expertise in areas selected, is a key aspect of Alutech Packaging Private Limited’s strategy to make a positive impact in its CSR activities.

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